Today’s way of life has changed drastically. Non-essential establishments have been forced to close down and now need to look into new ways of reaching customers to keep their business afloat and keep sales coming in.

Software houses and web developers are currently in a bidding war promoting the idea of building an online shop quickly. In turn, companies panic and jump on the process of building an online shop from scratch. While we feel it is vital for businesses to have an online shop, now might not be the time to do it. An online shop requires time and at the moment it is something most businesses do not have – time to wait until an online shop is created to start selling. So how can you still sell without actually having an online shop?

Showcase products through social media

Take images and post them on your Facebook and Instagram pages. You can even create a catalogue on Facebook with images and prices so that customers know what you have in stock.

Have the ability of receiving orders

Ensure clients can place an order – either through Facebook messenger, email, SMS or even by calling you directly. We also recommend tools which will enable you to track orders. One such tool is Google Form, checkout this video on how to create a simple form https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YwqTtrHCBo

Provide simple payment options

Avoid paper money as much as possible. Ensure you have a Revolut account or BOV mobile banking. You can also pass on your IBAN bank account details for direct transfers.

Offer contactless delivery or pick up

There are several companies who are offering contactless delivery such as Bolt, D2D and many more. You can also opt for contactless pick-up by leaving the item on the doorstep of your business and leaving them outside for collection once the customer has arrived.

Let your client know you are receiving orders online 

Send your customers an email to inform them that although your shop is closed, you are still offering products through delivery service or pick up. Run Facebook adverts to let your customers know you are open for business. We also recommend that you activate Instagram Shopping in your Insta account to allow you to tag products in your posts to encourage people to shop. Social media advertising is a cost-effective way of reaching new customers.

If you need help in organizing a new way of getting sales through online channels, get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will assist you in setting up you online purchase process.

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