We believe that creating a marketing strategy is vital groundwork to have effective digital marketing.

We work alongside our clients to help produce a valuable marketing plan which is individualised for their specific company.

Marketing Planning

Creating a marketing plan is the first point of business we handle with our clients. Together, we decide which route our client’s marketing strategy will head to. We determine the kind of advertising which will be created for that specific company for a particular period of time. The plan would include items such as the client’s goals (i.e. increasing sales, improving SEO) and the digital marketing tools to be used.

Media Scheduling

We offer media scheduling to clients to determine the best media channels to use for content and advertising and the optimal timing for each piece of content or ad. The media platform and timing chosen is dependent on the client’s brand or specific products which they would like to push, and our task is to create a schedule which attempts to generate the best possible results for each advert.

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Data Insights

We believe that since digital marketing is a continuous strategy, the optimal way to constantly improve is by using data insights. Using tech tools, we obtain data about clicks, traffic, sales, and others from our clients’ social media channels and websites, as well as through running adverts. We discuss this data with our clients to determine which strategies have been successful and which need to be altered. The goal is always to optimise our clients’ digital marketing efforts.

SEO Consultancy

Our SEO approach is consistent and precise. We create an SEO stratagem based on particular keywords and phrases which are used by searchers on search engines like Google. We guide our clients as to how to improve the content on their websites to elevate their place on Google, the goal being #1. In this way, whenever customers search for the products or services which our clients offer, they will be the first on search results, thus drastically increasing their chances of being chosen over their competitors.

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