We create engaging content and attractive online ads, tailor-made to suit your target audience.

Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing efforts are also extended to lead generation through the use of sales tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, mailshots and market research.

We offer a variety of digital marketing services such as pay-per-click advertising including Google Search and Display Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Twitter ads, and LinkedIn ads Our pay-per-click services are created and assessed together with our client to ensure there is continuity in brand image, content and target markets.


SEO is a term used in digital marketing which stands for ‘search engine optimisation’. The ultimate goal of having good SEO is ranking #1 on search engines such as Google. It refers to the use of certain terms and phrases which search engines utilise for page positioning, which generates traffic to the website. SEO targets organic traffic rather than direct traffic, meaning that it focuses on answering the questions asked on Google by ranking websites based on their relevance to the question, rather than directly searching for a website itself.  At CB Creators our goal is to help clients achieve the #1 spot organically on search engines. Click here for a FREE SEO audit.


Along with SEO, we offer PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, which is used to drive traffic to a client’s website. The PPC approach is ideal for those who are not just focused on increasing brand awareness, but most importantly to generate traffic and thereby hope to boost sales.

We undoubtedly believe that PPC is a top strategy for certain clients, and we continuously strive to give our clients the best possible approaches for affordable prices.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media services are multi-faceted and tailor-made to the brands we work with. Each social media content strategy is unique to the client and we create content for various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tiktok.

Influencer Marketing

We work with both local and international influencers who help us achieve our ultimate goals – achieve brand awareness, online engagement and increase in sales. We have found that collaborations with online content creators are typically very successful given their large amounts of followers.

We work alongside our clients to develop a strategy which details what kind of influencer is best to promote their product, which social media channels are best to endorse, the way the product/service is promoted, as well as the optimal time of year.

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